Step into the forefront of aerospace innovation with Nano-Tech, your trailblazing ally in redefining industry standards. Opting for composite materials in aerospace applications not only propels performance to unprecedented heights in aeronautics, drones, and space exploration but also achieves a noteworthy reduction in weight. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes significantly to minimizing environmental impact.

Case study

nanotechnology and pre-preg for aerospace sector
nanotechnology and pre-preg for aerospace sector

The need

In the dynamic realm of aerospace, the need to reduce payload and overall weight of drones is paramount. Efficiency is key, driving the demand for lighter materials that can elevate performance and extend operational capabilities.

Nano-Tech solution

Our solution lies in NanoLite pre-preg, an exceptionally lightweight material meticulously crafted to meet the stringent demands of the drone industry. By integrating NanoLite, we empower drone manufacturers worldwide to enhance their products with superior weight efficiency and elevated performance.

The results

The result is a paradigm shift in drone technology. Nano-Tech’s NanoLite pre-preg, currently in use by various drone manufacturers globally, has redefined expectations. Payloads are lighter, operational ranges are extended, and overall performance reaches new heights. Experience the future of aerospace innovation with Nano-Tech’s groundbreaking solution for reduced weight and enhanced efficiency in drone technology.

Why the Nano-Lite® was perfect


service temperature


lighter than other carbon composites

high drape and take

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