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Embrace the future of automotive excellence with Nano-Tech as your innovation partner. Opting for composite materials in automotive applications not only catapults vehicle performance to unprecedented heights but also achieves a remarkable reduction in weight.

Case study

automotive case study

The need

In modern automotive and aerospace design, lightweight battery cases are crucial for extending electric vehicle range. Prioritizing safety, Nano-Tech innovates by creating lighter, fire-resistant battery cases, ensuring long-term reliability and optimal thermal management.

Nano-Tech solution

Nano-Tech provides the solution to these challenges. We’ve developed a patented fiber composite material for battery housing that not only achieves low weight but also meets the demands for safety, stiffness, and thermal management.

The results

The culmination of Nano-Tech’s solution is the current development and prototyping of a battery box crafted from C-Preg 400, setting the standard with primary counterparts in the sector.

Why the C-preg® was perfect


Service temperature

5.2 times

lighter than steel


Not toxic, not harmful

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