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From superplastic to Formula 1. Nano-Tech among the digital giants.

Nano-Tech, a company based in Ascoli with its plant, is set to conquer the world. In the United States, first in San Francisco for the “Innovit” program, in Silicon Valley, and then in Seattle alongside technological giants such as Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. The occasion is the “Primo Innovare” summit at the World Trade Center in the state of Washington. Nine innovative Italian startups operating in the fields of artificial intelligence and aerospace gather to connect with some of the most significant players in the American market.

The results.

Among the prominent figures is Engineer Giuseppe Galimberti, at the helm of the Ascoli-based company.

We have achieved excellent success. We had the opportunity to present our reality. There was significant interest from investors, authorities, and business partners. We have been to the USA several times in recent months: the American market is a great achievement, but we also look beyond."

It’s an exhilarating period for Nano-Tech: recently awarded the EIC Accelerator, a financing program under Horizon Europe, it reaffirms its position as one of the most promising companies in the field of space and aerospace economy, a global excellence. Nanotechnological super-materials for helicopters, satellites, and Formula 1 cars. Nano-Tech is a deep tech company developing and producing innovative composites. Its formulations, achieved through patented proprietary technologies, result in materials suitable for ensuring high mechanical and thermal performance. Especially suited for aerospace applications is the C-Preg 400 material, capable of withstanding high temperatures.

New Revolution.

Today, Ascoli is at the center of a new industrial revolution: in the coming years, the manufacturing industry will witness the replacement of traditional materials like steel and aluminium with innovative materials capable of offering superior performance. Nano-Tech, specialized in applying nanotechnologies to basic materials, positions itself as a strategic supplier for the conception and development of future materials, leveraging the advantages of artificial intelligence. Among Nano-Tech’s inventions is Nano-force S, a plastic that conducts electricity. Thanks to a process devised in the Ascoli laboratory, the material acquires conductivity equivalent to metals while retaining the mechanical properties of base polymers. Applications range from smart household appliances to wirelessly connected sensors.

We will close this year with 40% of turnover from abroad. And the figure is only set to increase

The heart is in Ascoli. It might seem like a leap for a company in a small reality like this, but it’s not. Historically, Ascoli has a strong knowledge of composite materials. Ascoli allows us to excel.

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